Egg Rush Rules

The grand opening of GFB Network will be celebrated with this event in the Ultra Survival server. He who owns the Dragon Egg controls Elytra flight.

Saturday, April 13th

Obtaining the Egg

On the day of the event, players will congregate at spawn. I will be hosting a Discord stage to make announcements throughout the event and explain any details. It is not necessary¬†to attend the stage, but it is recommended. When I’m ready to begin, I will announce the border drop, and players will be free to leave the spawn area. The protected region is somewhat large, so I would recommend following the river either out to sea or under the mountains.

The mechanics of the Egg rush will be somewhat similar to vanilla, but keep these differences in mind:

  • You now need to consider your thirst and temperature
    • Your coat and fire sources will make you warmer, and your robes will make you cooler
    • Most drinks will hydrate you. Normal water might make you sick. Consider cooking it over a campfire to purify it.
  • Natural health regen is disabled.
    • Utilize your healing potions that stack to 16
    • You can buy more potions in the spawn area from an NPC (or of course you can brew them)
  • There will be a few surprises in the End, though the dragon fight will be similar to vanilla
    • Take a look at the unique pillar after the dragon is defeated. You may find something of value.
    • The dragon will drop 2 special items on death
  • You cannot echest the dragon egg.
    • Escape the End safely, and I will find you to give you your first reward

Elytra Mechanics

Once you have captured the dragon egg, you will have sole power over the source of Elytra flight. On initial capture, I will come to you and reward you with a loot box full of goodies, including several Essence of Flight.

Essence of Flight

This is a special potion that when drunk, will give you a week’s permission to use Elytra. Normally, players can only fly with Elytra in the End. The team that controls the dragon egg are the sole players who can produce Essence of Flight. In order for other players to obtain it, they must either trade for it, steal it, or steal the dragon egg.

How to Generate Essence of Flight

The team with the dragon egg must build a temple to it in order to harness the power of the Ender Dragon. The more impressive the temple, the greater the yield of Essence of Flight.

Once you have a temple built, open a ticket in Discord tell us where it find it, or arrange a meeting with you. Staff will check on your temple each week to judge its magnificence and give you an appropriate quantity of the valuable potion.

If someone steals the egg, they must build a temple for it.

If a single team controls the egg for 3 months, staff will organize a siege event when many players are available. We will announce the coordinates to the temple at the start of the event. The defending team will be generously rewarded based on the competence of their defense and how fun the battle is. It is obviously recommended to build the temple away from your main base so that it doesn’t get exposed.

The defending team may discuss the format of the event with the staff team. Some possible formats include a PVP siege, a dungeon crawl in adventure mode with monsters and puzzles, or an obstacle course. The defending team will be responsible for constructing the challenge, though staff may get involved for special mechanics such as adventure mode.

Judging Temple Quality

  • Impressive scale
    • A massive, imposing structure is always cool
  • Artistry
    • The more detail and beauty in the design, the more the gods will be pleased
  • Above Ground
    • Gain a significant bonus for the temple being above ground and obvious, both for cinematics as well as greater risk = greater reward
  • Roleplay
    • Any kind of engaging roleplay around worshipping the egg or designing your faction will add to the value