GFB Network Launch

We are a new vanilla network that adds advanced features similar to modded minecraft. Just log in and download a resource pack, and you’ll be ready to experience custom huds, items, mobs, and more.

Grand Opening Event

Join us on Saturday, April 13th, to participate in the Egg Rush event on our first major server: Ultra Survival. The team that possesses the Dragon Egg will control the power of the Elytra [more info here]

Additionally, anyone who joins this April and plays 5 hours will get the exclusive Founder rank. Comes with perks that will increase in value as the Network grows.

Ultra Survival Server

We added several advanced mechanics such as temperature, seasons and thirst to make the Survival experience more immersive. Hide from griefers high up in a frozen mountain range, relying on a coat and campfires to keep you warm. Or found a desert kingdom and laugh as your enemies die of heat stroke in their diamond armor.

– 50 kilometer radius world border.
– Base Hunting
– Choice between moderated chat and Anarchy chat
– Limited Elytra use (See Egg Rush Event)

Future Server

Next, we will be developing a civilization factions server with land claiming and wars. If this intrigues you, consider joining our discord to stay updated on its progress.

Join us

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– Website:
– Facebook: