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  • 200 Schmeckles


    Buy Me a Tea! Help quench my insatiable thirst and give me that caffeine boost to power through more server development.

  • 440 Schmeckles


    Double the Tea! “My spending has doubled since the last time we met, Count.” “Good. Twice the spending, double the profit.”

  • 1200 Schmeckles


    PIZZA TIME! Two cups of Chai might be enough to sate the Count’s thirst for tea, but it’s hungry work chopping off bratty kids’ arms. Consider donating $10 to fuel his ongoing rampage across the galaxy. Only someone with superhuman…

  • 3250 Schmeckles


    Netherite Hoe! Now you’re just flexing on everyone, SMH

  • 7000 Schmeckles


    Netherite Beacon! Okay, now this is just obscene ????

  • 15000 Schmeckles


    BIG CHUNGUS! If you select this option, then your wallet must be as big as BIG CHUNGUS himself! My hat’s off to you. Don’t you dare use your Mom’s credit card to buy this! I don’t want to get murdered…