Modification Rules

Official Modpacks

Consider downloading one of our optional modpacks that are specially tailored to this Network

Feature Rich

A large modpack with many useful tools and immersive features. Install this pack if you like highly customized clients.


A trimmed down modpack with only the most important tools such as voice chat, as well as the performance enhancement and bug fix mods.
  • Simple Voice Chat
    Allows players to use proximity voicechat in most GFB Network servers. Great for socializing or efficient communication. It also includes a group chat option.
  • Realistic Sound Physics
    Makes sound far more realistic and immersive. It’s compatible with Simple Voice Chat, making players’ voices echo and muffle.
  • Litematica
    Allows you to create blueprints of builds and then use them as a guide for building in other locations. Great for designing a build in the Creative Plot server, then transferring it to a survival server. It even includes an easy place mode that allows you to quickly and easily construct complex designs.
  • Replay Mod
    Allows you to record your game instance, then play it back from any angle. Great for content creators who want to film cinematics. Don’t use to cheat by scanning for bases or anything else that give you an in game advantage. Only use for creating videos or as supplementary proof when reporting cheating to staff
  • Replay Voice Chat
    An addon that bridges Replay Mod with Proximity Voice Chat. It records players’ proximity voicechat, then you can replay it with accurate positional sound. Paired with Realistic Sound Physics and you have an excellent cinematic suite for video creation.

Categories of Allowed Mods

Provided below is a list of the categories of modifications we permit on the server, along with an explanation of what each of these categories does and does not include and permit. If a modification does not fit into one of these categories, it should be assumed that it is disallowed by default.

  • Client Performance Improvement Modifications
    Modifications that simply seek to improve the performance of the Minecraft client without making changes to the game itself, such as those which improve the FPS of the Minecraft client.
  • Aesthetic Modifications
    Modifications that change only the look and feel of the game without modifying gameplay, such as standard shader modifications or even resource packs. However, these must not change the properties of blocks (e.g. make non-transparent blocks transparent) or change the player’s perspective (e.g. allowing them to see around or over objects they normally wouldn’t be able to).
  • Cosmetic HUD (Head-Up Display) Modifications
    Modifications that alter the look and feel of the in-game head-up display (HUD), without adding extra information which would normally be unavailable to the player. For example, HUDs adding armor and status effects, which are available to the player in their inventory screen, are permitted, while mini-maps, other player health/armor indicators, player distance/range, etc. are not.

List of Banned Mods

  • Minimaps and Worldmaps
    These mods grant too many advantages and ruin immersion in servers.
  • Fullbright
    Removes darkness as a game mechanic. Certain game modes may even have enhanced darkness or special abilities that grant night vision
  • Damage Indicators
    Obvious PVP advantage. Some servers also have built in damage indicators, or sometimes they only unlock as a skill to grant advantages for leveling in that skill.
  • Hacked Clients
    I mean, duh. The only people allowed to use them are high level Staff Members for the sole purpose of staff duties.
  • Free Cam
    Free Cam is disallowed on all servers except the Creative Plot server.
  • Inventory Swappers
    Nothing that makes pvp inventory management easier. Exception: the Itemswapper mod used solely for building

Full List of Allowed Mods

  • Simple Voice Chat
  • Replay
    Don’t use to cheat 🙁
  • Litematica
    Don’t use to cheat 🙁
  • Any Environmental mod that grants no advantage
    Banned environmental mods include Fullbright. See Banned Mods
  • Dynamic Lights
    Although this is an environmental mod that grants a small advantage, this mod is specifically allowed and recommended for immersion.
  • Status Huds
    Such as Inventory HUD. Any HUD that only shows your own data
  • Itemswapper
    Used for switching between block palettes when building. Do NOT use for PVP advantage
  • Distant Horizons
    See the entire glorious world from a mountain top