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GFB Network Launch

GFB Network Launch We are a new vanilla network that adds advanced features similar to modded minecraft. Just log in and download a resource pack, and you’ll be ready to experience custom huds, items, mobs, and more. Grand Opening Event…

Egg Rush Event

Egg Rush Rules The grand opening of GFB Network will be celebrated with this event in the Ultra Survival server. He who owns the Dragon Egg controls Elytra flight. Saturday, April 13th Obtaining the Egg On the day of the…

Armor and Weapon Customization

Armor and Weapon Customization Armor and weapon customization with new armor textures that show off your skin. Great for adding further character customization options such as designing a skin as a tabard over armor.

Homepage In Progress

The website homepage design is coming alone. This is a test post to populate the news section of the home page. If you’re seeing this far in the future, then congrats, you have scrolled all the way to the bottom…